Digital Signage X®

Digital Signage X - Thermo

Body temperature scanning

This multi-function device checks body temperature while the user sanitizes their  hands. This brilliantly-designed all-in-one public safety station provides your facility with vital sanitation and marketing functions.

Hand sanitation for public health

When placed at schools, universities, libraries, government departments, dentist offices, hospitals, senior care facilities, airports or malls they provide remote-controlled digital marketing opportunities while ensuring instant body temperature reading and hand sanitation. Digital Signage X – Thermo helps cities better manage public health during covid-19 or other infections.

Digital marketing

Digital Signage X – Thermo enables on-screen important messages, public announcements, or advertising that keeps your customers or partners informed. Digital Signage X – Thermo provides an opportunity to make revenue with advertising controlled from one place:  your PC or laptop. Our software, built on Linux , gives you basic functions for sharing video or picture files. Also, as the program administrator, you can review how many people received a body temperature check and what result was.

Product specifications

Digital Signage X – Thermo has the same design as the previous 2 models. It has a modern, solid cover with a no-door filling system. What makes Thermo unique is its two cameras. Cam1 is a thermo -vision camera with high thermal sensitivity. ( <50mK and resolution 120x160px.) Cam2 is a 1Mpx security-smart camera that detects when a person steps in front of the device, catches a digital image of the face and saves it to your cloud database.


Sign can be tilted 0-10 degree angle and has a built-in support wheel for easy transportation and placement. The power cord runs inside the stand itself hidden from plain view making it essentially invisible. The signage folds neatly back into its carrier box for convenient storage. User-friendly and easily programmable with multiple digital graphic messages or ads.


Available in Light Grey, Dark Grey

Digital Signage X - Thermo

is designed with no doors for filling liquid, making it 100% weatherproof. The Filling System features a covered, removable filter with a 0.9 gallon capacity container.

This system is designed for ease of use with a minimal amount of training required. Its durable outer shell protects the interior hardware making it resistant to tampering, UV resisting or damage.

Digital Signage X – Thermo performs multiple functions, both commercial and municipal, making it a budget-friendly device for everyone.


Digital Signage X – Thermo comes equipped with a 5dB 4G LTE WiFi antenna specifically manufactured for use outdoors. It is damage/tamper-resistant and 100% weatherproof.

Simply put, this cleverly designed outdoor signage unit is perfect for forward-thinking companies and city councils who want well- equipped Smart Cities. With its futuristic capabilities, Digital Signage X – Thermo delivers both, signage and body temperature scanning solutions in one practical package.

Digital Signage X - Thermo

can be customized for branding purposes with your company or city logo colors. Color Branding has been proven effective for successful product integration.

All demographic groups respond positively to color branding which psychologically underscores a sense of security and well-being.

Digital Signage X - Thermo wit 2 cameras

Technical specification:

Operating system:



Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Model B with 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU




EMMC 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB Optional

Display screen:

21.5” TFT Multi-point capacitive touch

Display resolution:

Full HD 1920x1080 pixel / 4K 3840x2160 pixel Optional

Viewing angle:

Ultra wide 178 ̊/178 ̊ (V/H)


Super bright 1500 cd/m2

WiFi & Connectivity:

Built-in dual band 2.4G/5G WiFi / support 4G/3G communication , SIM card slot-optiona


Built-in 1M pixel HD cmos smart chip/Lepton® 3.5 with Radiometry LongWave Infrared (LWIR) Camera Module


IP 54 indoor using recommended

Auto dispenser:

No touch hand sanitizer liquid dispenser with IR sensor


Backup battery set prolongs service life by 10h

File suppor:


Support H.265, MPEG2, VP6, VP8, MVC, HD divx , Xvid, MKV and others video formats 2160P@24FPS decode, Youtube, HTML5 video playback, flash 10.1 playback


support JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and others image formats


support Mp3, wma, WAV, ape, FLAC, AAC, Ogg, m4a, 3GPP format


31.1" x 17.2" x 5.3”

790 x 436 x 134 mm

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